Zero waste principle

Zero waste principle – at Videung of Sweden we have produced handmade swings for babies and toddlers since 2017. Currently we are focused on the Scandinavian market and you can buy our swings in both Sweden and rest of Europe. It is important for us to care for the environment. As parents we always try to pass on a positive vision for the future.

Videung of Sweden - zero waste principle in the production

When producing Videung of Sweden toddler and baby swings, we have chosen to follow the zero waste principle. Zero waste is a well-known concept in both English and Swedish. The basic idea is that everything should be well planned and as little waste as possible should be produced. It includes all stages, from production to packaging. Our goal is of course 0% waste, we are not yet there, nevertheless we are very close.

Zero waste in the production of Swedish toddler and baby swings

The zero-waste principle for Videung of Sweden means that up to 97% of all purchased material is used. We use smaller pieces of fabric left over from swing production, among other things, to create lovely bitrings with rabbit ears. But also for extra cushions for our baby and toddler swings. 97% of our purchased material results in our end products. From time to time you will also find one or two patchwork quilts that we make from leftover pieces of fabric. In order to work according to the zero-waste-principle, a very thorough planning is necessary. Every swing we produce is planned with a precision of centimeters to make the best use of our purchased material.

But what about the wooden rods, you might ask yourself? We produce our wooden rods from birch, which is then hand-painted with water paint suitable for baby and children’s toys (certificate EN 71 – 3). We also cut the wooden sticks by hand to ensure that as little as possible becomes unusable. However, what is left over is sent back to the sawmill, where the remaining wood is transformed into high-quality birch veneer.

Last but not least – all materials we use are Oeko-tex certified. This means friendly to children and the environment. No toxic chemicals, more environmentally and nature friendly. For us it is important that all our products are both organic and friendly to the environment and children!

Videung of Sweden – with a great vision for the future!

Videung of Sweden