A wooden baby swing is a place for your most precious sweetheart. Therefore it is important that you take good care of your wooden baby swing and keep the fabric clean, fresh and beautiful. Remember to use gentle and environmentally friendly products to clean the swing, preferably products specifically designed for use with baby products. The Videung baby swing is free from harmful chemicals and plastic. Therefore, be sure not to clean the swing with products that may have negative health effects on your baby and family.

Wooden baby swing

A baby swing that is well maintained will become a cherished thing for your family. With proper care it can also be used and passed on to several siblings in the family. A baby swing from Videung is a handicraft that you are recommended to clean thoroughly and correctly.

Clean your baby swing in the washing machine

Did you know that you can clean your baby swing in the washing machine? The durable material used for the swing can be machine washed at 30 degrees. This allows you to easily remove any stains and dried-out dirt from the fine fabric. If you have got somewhat tougher stains, we recommend that you use a traditional stain remover before machine washing. However, you should not bleach the fabric as this may damage it.

In order to wash the baby swing in the washing machine, you must first disassemble it. You can only wash the fabric. Therefore untie all knots from the ropes and loosen the fabric swing. Then remove all wooden robs from their pockets. Now you can wash the fabric at a maximum of 30 degrees and 600 rpm. After the fabric has been washed, we recommend you to hang it up to dry, as it should not be tumble dried. If the fabric looks wrinkled after washing and drying, you can iron it at a maximum of 200 degrees. Then it will be smooth and beautiful again.

Cleaning of wooden sticks

After the fabric has dried, you can thread the wooden rods back into the fabric pockets. If you want to clean the wooden rods, we recommend using a soft and damp cloth without any chemicals. Remember to tighten the knots properly when hanging up the swing and load them with weight before you use them again.

If you have a small baby in your baby swing, you should be extra careful with cleaning it. If the swing does not have any major stains that need to be washed off, it will be sufficient to wipe them off with a soft cloth, warm water and possibly a mild detergent.

Store the baby swing properly

An important part of the maintenance of your baby swing is proper storage. Remember that the fabric swing is an indoor swing and therefore should be used and stored indoors. It must not be hung near a fireplace or any other hot place. Furthermore, you should not put any objects or items inside the fabric swing when you do not use it.

If you use the swing outdoor, you should only do this in fine weather. After use, it should be taken inside so that the fabric will not be damaged by moisture or rain. If you take proper care of your baby swing, it will remain beautiful for years.

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