Why is swinging good for you?

Why is it beneficial to swing? First of all – children love to swing! Swinging makes them playful, gives them a feeling of freedom and a tingling in their tummy. Swinging safely above the ground when mom or dad pushes, can be the ultimate playtime for children of all ages. This is a simple playtime that you can share with family and little friends. Swinging is something that children always will enjoy throughout their upbringing.


Children can swing endlessly. It never gets boring and the tingling in their tummy never ceases. However, swinging is not only a fun game, but also very beneficial for children.

Singing while the child swings

Research has shown that singing while the child is swinging means that the child learns tempo and rhythm on an entirely new level. Baby swings and toddler swings from Videung of Sweden are made for children aged 3 months and over. They can be used for up to 3 years.

Baby swings from Videung of Sweden are for children from 6 months or when the child can sit independently. Perfect for curious babies who do not want to lie down. These practical cloth swings for indoor use are ergonomic, breathable and offer your child comfort. In these comfortable swings your child can swing for hours and in this way you can create a nice interaction between you and your child. Here you can read about lullabies that you can sing to your child while he or she is swinging.

Swings create courageous children

Did you know, for example, that a game as simple as swinging makes children brave? This because children find it a challenge to dare to swing, to take responsibility and to create speed by leaning back and forth. When your child swings, he or she feels strong and big, independent and gains a good self-confidence. Swinging simply creates brave, calm children who believe in their own abilities and dare to challenge themselves.


When children swing, they feel the force of gravity. They will notice the swing hanging loosely in the air and how difficult it can be to get up on it. How do you really get on a swing that swings back and forth? Maybe you need to ask your mother or best friend for help, or you can find out for yourself after a while. Swinging simply makes small children think a little bit more.

Learning and skills from swinging

The best thing about swinging, however, is that children learn so many new things. How do you get the swing going once you’re on it? This is a problem that you have to solve by moving or observing others.

Then, when you want to stop the swing, this is another thing you have to learn when you swing.  Also, you learn to fall, brush off the dirt and try again. Not everyone manages to stop the swing and get out of it when it moves. Maybe this is why children become brave from swinging. They simply learn that it is not very dangerous to fall and hurt themselves.

Furthermore, physical activity has been proven to be good for learning, concentration and focus in school. Therefore, swinging is the perfect activity during breaks. No wonder you often find swings in schoolyards. For example, swinging can help your child become better at solving problems, increasing their confidence, improving their memory, better focusing and managing stress.

Last but not least, in the long run, all this will lead to your child achieving good results in school, being happier and gaining a better self-confidence. All thanks to the fact that your baby started swinging as a child.

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