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Toddler swing – for babies and toddlers

A toddler swing that you can hang indoors to offer your child a wonderful swinging, this is what Videung produces. Whichever toddler swing you buy, it will be suitable for both babies and toddlers. Having a cloth swing indoors is not only convenient, but also becomes a beautiful interior piece for your home. You can choose from a number of different beautiful patterns to match the interior of your home. Please also have a look at our accessories for baby and toddler swings.

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Children love to swing

A toddler swing from Videung is perfect if you want to have both hands free in the kitchen while you both keep an eye on your child and leave him/her at rest. The natural rocking that the swing gives your child is relaxing and can even encourage him to take a nap. Children really love swinging!

The toddler swings are easy to assemble and you can decide whether you want to hang them from the ceiling, a door frame, or a tree if you want to use the swing outdoors in fine weather.

Sit swing for babies and toddlers

You can use the toddler swing in the different times of the day. Maybe for a funny swinging when your child feels the butterflies in his or her tummy while floating in the air. Or why not use it as a comfortable sleeping place for your baby, who is slowly rocked to sleep by the rhythmic swings?

Toddler swing

A sit swing from Videung is suitable for babies as well as for smaller children. This is a swing with which baby and children can grow and which you can modify to suit their needs and sitting style. We recommend babies to be at least six months old before using the swing. This will ensure that your child can sit independently before the swing is used. Then it can be used until the child is 3 years old. The maximum weight is up to 25 kg, so you do not have to worry about the baby's weight when using the swing.

A small pillow is included with your purchase of the toddler swing. This cushion is ideal to stabilize your baby in the swing. It also gives support to the back and makes the swing extra cuddly for the child.

Toddler swing with fantastic materials and patterns

The toddler swing has a simple design for quick and easy assembling. Preferably use your toddler swing indoors, then it will last for many years. By taking good care of your toddler swing, more siblings can enjoy it. However, you can also use the fabric swing outdoors. If the weather is sunny, you can hang it on the terrace or why not from a tree. However, be sure to remove it after use and do not leave it out in bad weather conditions, as it risks getting moisture damaged.

The toddler swing is made of durable materials. The construction of the toddler swing is made of wood and the fabric is made of cotton and linen, as well as other materials. The wood is raw and the fabric contains no chemicals. Also, the thick cotton ropes included with the swing and the ones you use for hanging the swing are durable and long-lasting. The ropes have a length of 200 centimeters, which means that you can hang the swing exactly at the desired height.

The fabric swings are available in various combinations of fine designs and colors. You can always choose the swing that will best suit your interior. With a todller swing from Videung, you don't have to worry about stains. You can easily disassemble the swing and wash the fabric in your washing machine. The fabric of a Videung sit swing has a classic shape and design. So you will get a high-quality swing that will not only last for many years but also never risk looking outdated. Maybe this swing will be passed on through several generations of siblings in the family. Here you can read more about how to clean your wooden toddler swing.

A fabric swing that can be easily hung

It is easy to hang up a toddler swing indoors, whether you are handy or not. The light package in which the swing is delivered includes the four wooden dowel rods of the swing, the cloth swing, the cotton ropes, two metal rings, and a pillow.

A toddler swing for indoor use is the perfect gift

If you want to give a much-appreciated gift at a baby shower or christening, a toddler swing is a perfect gift. A toddler swing is often an unexpected gift, but it is known to be of great value. A sit swing will be a gift that you are the only one giving and that will feel both original and unique. What parents wouldn't want a gift that leaves them with both hands free to cook, rest, or do the housework. A toddler swing simply offers the child a fun playtime and the adults some extra time and space.

A toddler swing is also a wonderful one year gift. When the child's first year is to be celebrated, it is guaranteed to have outgrown its bouncer and is ready for a more entertaining alternative. With an indoor toddler swing, children can enjoy a thrilling ride on the swing no matter the weather outside. With the swing, children and adults can have a fun time playing together, while increasing your interaction and companionship.