Once you have got your sit swing for toddlers, you are ready to assemble and hang it. In the package, together with the swing, you will also find instructions for installing it. Installing a seat swing is quickly and easily done. The swing has a simple design, which means that you can install it without using any tools and it is done in a few minutes.

Sit swing by Videung of Sweden
Toddler swing – Idun

Thanks to the simple construction of the swing you can easily install it yourself. What is most important when you put the baby swing together is to make sure that all the knots are tightened correctly. These will hold the swing and ensure that the swing is safe.

Assembling all parts

When you receive your package with the baby swing, please remove all of the packaging first. Make sure to keep it out of reach of your child. Then check that all parts are included. The package should contain 4 wooden rods, 1 swing, 2 cotton ropes, 2 metal rings, and 1 cushion.

Sit swing

First of all, place the wooden rods in the folds of the baby swing. All rods are the same length, so it does not matter which one of them you use first. Then it is time for the cotton ropes. The two metal rings included in the package are already attached to the ropes. Do not remove these rings. The metal rings are already placed and bound where they should be, i.e. in the middle of the ropes.

Then place the back rod over the two side rods and thread a rope through each side of the back rod. Then place the rod on the front of the swing below the two side rods and thread the ropes through the front as well. Then make a knot beneath each rope, ie a total of four knots. Please make sure not to tighten the four knots too firmly, as you will have to adjust the swing and its height at a later stage of the installation.

Hang up your sit swing

Now it is time to hang up your swing. So make sure that you have mounted two S-hooks at the place where you want the swing to hang. First decide at what height the swing should hang. Bear in mind that the toddler swing must not hang at such a low height that your child’s feet can touch the ground. Once you have adjusted and balanced the swing, now tighten the knots properly. Make sure to tie double knots for extra safety.

Make sure to test and stabilize with a weight

When the swing is hanging, put a weight in it. This way you make sure that the swing and all the knots are securely fastened. When in use, your toddler swing can hold up to 25 kg. If the swing is not tested with a weight beforehand, it should not be used by a child. Using a swing with ropes that haven’t been tested with a weight, can put your baby at risk and cause serious injury.

Make sure that the baby swing hangs straight and is stable. A sloping and unstable swing can pose a risk for your child to fall. It can also cause serious injury, so it is essential that it is installed correctly tested with a load.

Once your baby swing is installed, hung up and tested, your baby swing can be used. Now you have a valuable toy in your home that will provide natural rocking experiences and great fun. Please also read how you can best maintain your wooden toddler swing.

Videung of Sweden