Here we answer frequently asked questions about our toddler and baby swings. Here you can also find information about delivery, maintenance and how to easily install your swing indoors. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at: kontakt@videungofsweden.com

Which swing should I choose?

Do you have difficulties in choosing the right swing? Don’t worry! There is no rights or wrongs, except that a toddler swing can only be used after the baby is 6 months old. Here you can find a guide in which we compare swings for babies and toddlers.

FAQ - Videung of Sweden
Toddler swing – Idun

Can I use the swing outdoors?

The swing is intended for indoor use. If you want to use the swing outdoors, we recommend the terrace or balcony, if the weather is fine. However, you should be aware of potential moisture damage.

How do I clean a baby or toddler swing?

The cleaning of a baby or toddler swing is done very easily. You can machine wash the fabric at 30° C. In order to wash the fabric of the swing, you have to loosen the swing and take out the dowel rods. After washing, make sure that the swing is assembled in its original position. In our shop you will find instructions, tips and advice on how best to take care of your wooden swing. Here you will find instructions on how to assemble your fabric baby swing or children’s swing. You can clean the wooden rods with a damp cloth. Here you can find instructions for cleaning your wooden toddler swing.

How do I hang a baby swing?

It is easy to hang a baby swing. When you buy a baby swing from Videung of Sweden, two metal rings are included.

Try to find a suitable place in your home where you can hang the baby swing. For example, the door frame, from the ceiling or on the terrace. In order to hang the swing you need 2 Pigtails screws, also called swivel hooks. You can buy an Pigtails screws or a swivel hook in your local hardware store. There are different Pigtails screws to choose from – for example concrete, wood, etc. Please ask the staff at the hardware store to make sure that the hook is adapted to your needs.

For example:

Pigtails screws 2 pcs. 140 * 10 mm

Pigtails screws
Pigtails screws

Dowels 2 st – the size depends on the size of the hole but for example 12 mm.

Always check the strength of the swing before use. Also make sure that there are no objects within reach of the swing.

When will I get my swing?

Our delivery time is within EU 4 – 10 working days. Your order will be shipped by DHL to the nearest delivery point. Our goal is to always send your Swing no later than one day after you place your order. Please read more under our terms of purchase.

Is it possible to adjust the length of the swing?

Yes! You can adjust the length by undoing the knots and then raise the swing to the desired level. Re-tie, preferably with a double knot. You can shorten the strings of the baby swing once you find the height you feel comfortable with by cutting off the remaining ropes. However, choose the length so that the baby’s feet do not reach the ground.

However, you need about 30 cm of the back part strings if you want to switch from lying to sitting position.

If you need longer ropes than those we offer for standard orders (2,5 m), please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What materials are used for the fabric swings?

We use three different fabrics – 100% cotton, 100% linen or linen mixed with cotton. The fabrics are durable and organic. The Swing ropes are made of 100% unbleached cotton. The wooden parts are made of high quality birch and finished with water-based paint for toys (certificate EN 71-3). You can find more information specifically for each product.

What are the dimensions and weight of the swing?

Toddler swing:

Length: 39 cm

Width: 39 cm

Depth: 37 cm

Weight: ca 2.5 kg

Baby swing:

Length: 65 cm

Width: 39 cm

Depth: 37 cm

Weight: ca 2.5 kg

Questions about the baby swing:

When can my child start using a baby swing?

Baby swing is recommended from 3 months to 3 years. If your baby is very small, for example, you can place a soft and cuddly baby blanket in the swing to increase the level of comfort for your baby.

How do I adjust the baby swing from lying to sitting?

By tightening the ropes on the back of the swing. If you want to switch from lying down to sitting, you can undo the knots, adjust them to the desired position and re-tie them. Before use, always check that your swing can carry the weight.

Note! You are not supposed to change the position of the swing every day, as the knots are quite tight. However, you can definitely undo them and adjust them according to your child’s growth.

When can my child start using the toddler swing?

To be able to use the toddler swing, your child must be able to sit independently. This occurs at the age of about 6 months. However, it varies from child to child. So make sure that your child can sit independently before you use the swing.

The toddler swing can be used up to 3 years.

Is the cushion at the back of the swing washable?

Absolutely, you can easily remove the pillowcase. There is a zipper at the bottom of the pillow, so you can easily remove the pillowcase. The case can be machine washed at 30 ° C.

Christening gift & one-year gift

Our baby swings are also perfect as different christening gifts or as a one-year gift. A gift that makes children truly happy! We would also like to point out that swinging is not only fun, but also useful and sensible for children. Here you can read read a short article – why is swinging beneficial?

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