Installing a fabric swing is easily done. Once you have got your baby swing, you are ready to assemble and hang it up. When you buy a swing from Videung of Sweden, instructions are included in the package. The instructions include both text and images and are thus easy to follow.


Installation of a baby swing

The fabric swing produced by Videung has a simple structure. This means that you can easily assemble it yourself, and it is easy to put it together in the right way. This means that you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety when you put him or her in the swing. If you use double knots to assemble the baby swing and load it before use, the swing will be safe and secure.

Easily install the fabric swing in a few steps

You assemble your fabric swing in just a few steps. First of all, remove all the packaging in which the baby swing comes and keep it out of the reach of children. Secondly – make sure you have received all the parts of the swing so that nothing is missing. In the package you will find 2 long wooden rods, 2 short wooden rods, 1 baby swing, 2 cotton ropes and 2 metal rings.

First place the two long wooden rods in the long side folds of the baby swing. These are the end rods of the fabric swing. Then place the two short wooden rods on the front and back of the baby swing. Place the short rod on the back of the swing on top of the long rods and then thread thread the cotton ropes through them. Only tie soft knots on the ropes as you will adjust the swing later.

Do not loosen the metal rings that are already knotted on the ropes when you install them. The metal rings are already tied and placed in exactly the right position on the ropes.

At the front of the baby swing, pull the ropes through the short wooden rod and tie a knot below the rod. Then thread the ropes through the longer wooden rods and make another knot underneath. Leave at least six centimeters on the front of the baby swing so that the swing comes in the right position.


Hang up and stabilize your fabric swing

Once you have installed the fabric swing in accordance with these instructions, you can hang it from the ceiling, in a door frame or in any other location. Loosen two S-screws and hang the metal rings into them. Next, adjust the baby swing to stabilize it and set it at the right height. Untie the knots and pull the swing to the height where you want it to be. Preferably it should be placed high enough so that siblings and pets cannot reach it. Also, the child’s feet must not touch the ground. After you have chosen the right height, you make proper double knots to make the swing hang securely. Make sure that the two ropes are exactly the same length so that the swing remains stable. If the ropes are of different lengths, the swing becomes unstable, which can lead to serious fall injuries.

After the swing has been correctly assembled and stabilized, you should load it with some weight. Press firmly on the swing to ensure that it is securely mounted. The baby swing can hold a maximum weight of 25 kilos.

Your fabric swing is now ready for use. Last but not least – If you disassemble the wooden baby swing for cleaning, it is important that you repeat the same process to restore its stability and safety.

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