It is important that you take proper care of your wooden toddler swing to make sure it will last longer. Taking care of your baby swing means cleaning it regularly and store it properly. Proper care of the toddler swing will keep the fabric nice and fresh. You can wash it as often as you need and you don’t have to worry about the fabric wearing out or losing its shape.

Wooden toddler swing

How to clean your swing

Cleaning a wooden toddler swing from Videung of Sweden is very simple. Due to its simple construction, it is easy to disassemble the sit swing for washing. It’s advisable to clean your fabric swing gum in two steps. First the regular cleaning after use but also a more thorough cleaning.

When your child uses the toddler swing, it can easily get dirty. Sticky little children’s fingers, hugging the fabric, often leave stains. Wipe the swing after use. You can use a cloth and a mild detergent or just some tissue if this is enough.

If the fabric has absorbed larger stains, it may be necessary to wash it. You can wash the fabric swing in your washing machine at 30 degrees. Loosen the swing from the hanging and pull the wooden rods out of its pockets. Then wash the fabric with a mild detergent. Use the opportunity to wipe the wooden sticks from dirt and grime.

Washing recommendations for wooden toddler swings

When the fabric swing is washed, it should be hung up to dry. The fabric should not be dried in the dryer. Then put the wooden sticks back into the fabric pockets and mount the swing. Remember to tighten the knots and load the swing after cleaning before you use it again.

You can also clean the pillow that comes with the toddler swing. You wash it in the same way as the toddler swing, i.e. at 30 degrees in your washing machine. If there is a significant stain on the swing, such as blueberries, you should use a remover before washing the swing, just as you would with your ordinary laundry.

Keep the toddler swing indoors

A toddler swing is very popular and is also appreciated by the youngest members of the family. That is why many children want to swing as much as possible. A fabric swing is designed for indoor use. This way children can enjoy a natural swinging time, even if it is rainy or cold outside.

If the weather is fine, you can also hang the swing outside. However, remember to always take it inside after using it. If you leave the baby swing hanging outside, it can easily be damaged due to weather, wind, and humidity. Therefore, in order to take care of your baby swing, you must always keep it indoors. This way it can be used for many years and by all family members.

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