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Baby swing – a natural time to swing

An indoor baby swing can do wonders for all new parents. A swing for baby is also an excellent and unique christening gift. If you want to purchase a baby swing that makes your child feel safe and secure outside of your arms, a swing from Videung is a perfect choice. In a swing made of wood and durable fabrics, your baby will get support for his or her back and a comfort that will make him or her feel comfortable when left alone in the swing. Please also check out our range of accessories for toddler and baby swings.


Perfect relief for parents

A baby swing is the perfect help for busy parents who want to have both hands free to take care of the house, drink coffee or cook. The fabric swing comes with a convenient hanger. It only weighs a few kilos, so you can easily move it between any room in your house if you, for example, cannot decide whether it is most suitable in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

The fabric swing is also a perfect gift for a new parent or perhaps at a baby shower. Choose a swing made of beautiful fabric and express your gratitude. A baby swing is a craft that will bring great pleasure to both the parents who get it and the baby who uses it.

An indoor baby swing for small children

An indoor swing is the perfect choice if you want a durable and environmentally friendly fabric swing for your baby. Instead of plastic babysitters made with an unnecessary amount of chemicals that also place the baby on the floor, you get a safe swing that allows your baby to float safely and securely in the air. Your baby can spend a lot of time in a wooden and fabric baby swing. The swing is very soft and your baby rests ergonomically and reclining.

Baby swing

You don't have to worry that your baby is too heavy for a swing. A fabric swing like ours can hold up to 25 kilos and can therefore be used by children of all sizes.

Our fabric swing is easy to use and comes with a simple hanging device. The long cotton ropes and two metal rings make it easy to hang it from the ceiling. You can use your swing indoors, as it will more easily keep its high quality and will not wear as much as if it is used outdoors. You can also use the swing from Videung of Sweden outdoors, but this is not something that we recommend.

Use your baby swing at all times

When should a babyswing be used and how often can it be used? A babyswing from Videung of Sweden is unique in its kind and specially designed for small babies and their sensitive backs. You can adjust the seat support that makes up the swing and convert the swing from a lying to a sitting position for your child. All depending on your baby's needs.

Our swings for baby can be used from the age of 3 months until your child is 3 years old. However, you know what suits your baby best and how comfortable your baby, and later on your child, is to sit and lie in the swing.

You can use an indoor swing during the day so that you will have both hands free when you need to do things at home and deal with all the daily routines. Let a wooden baby swing to keep your child safe, allowing you to do everything from cleaning and washing to cooking. All this will go much faster and smoother if you have both hands free, which means you will have more time for other activities and more baby cuddling.

Spending time with a small baby at home can be stressful and intense, especially if you find that your little baby always wants to be close to you and not lie down alone. An indoor baby swing can help you make your baby feel safe and secure on its own. When the baby is swinging in the air, it feels like someone else is holding him or her. In addition, the swing is comfortable for small babies and provides both a safe atmosphere and wonderful comfort. The swing is made of wood, easy to clean and can be machine washed.

High quality fabric swing for baby

The swings sold by Videung of Sweden are made of durable and natural materials. The material used for the swings varies between the different models. However, cotton and linen are common fabrics and of course washable. Thanks to these materials the swings are durable and can be used by many children for several years without losing their fine appearance, shape or the necessary safety.

The ropes that carry the swings are made of 100% cotton and are durable. The maximum length of the ropes is 250 centimeters, which means you can use the swing even if you have high ceilings.

Buy a baby swing as a christening gift

Are you going to a christening to celebrate the birth of a child in your neighborhood? Why not give the precious gift of two free hands and a happy baby? This is exactly what a baby swing would give two tired parents with a newly born baby in their home. Therefore, a swing for baby is a perfect christening gift and also a gift that will be well used. Swings are both sensible and useful for your baby!

But you can also give a swing to older babies, why not as a one-year gift. As you know, a cloth swing can be adjusted and used by children up to the age of 3 years. Therefore, a baby swing as a one-year gift is a thoughtful option that will be highly appreciated. Moreover, it is an original and different Christening Gift in all aspects. It will simply be a christening gift that you alone will give, which can be a great break from all the spoons and toys.

Last but not least - when you give a swing as a gift to someone close to you, you are not just giving a cloth swing as a gift. You also give the baby a good break during the day and give its parents a quiet and peaceful rest. You simply show that you have thought of all the family members and listened to their needs. What gift could be more precious.