Videung of Sweden for a natural swing

Videung of Sweden offers indoor toddler and baby swings with Swedish design and durability. Children truly love swinging! Swinging can be soothing or playful and full of laughter. By rocking your child, you create a pleasant interaction between you and your baby – shared joy!

About Videung of Sweden

How it all began…

Videung of Sweden was developed when two little twin girls were born into this world and their mother so desperately wanted a long-term and ergonomic relief to be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning. All this took place in Stockholm in 2017.

Thanks to experience in entrepreneurship, the first prototypes were launched… since then, things have moved quickly. It turned out that many other parents in Sweden and the Nordic countries appreciate the design and functionality of these products.

Videung of Sweden provides Swedish design, sustainability and innovation for baby and toddler swings in Sweden and the Nordic countries. We continuously work with product development and design to become even better and make life easier for more and more parents of small children.

Form and functionality

We have created and developed an innovative form and functionality that simplifies and facilitates the everyday life of parents of small children during the time when the child is small. The design of our products allows the swings and babysitters to be used until the child is 3 years old.

Our mission is to offer safe, well thought-out and functional solutions that will accompany the child in its development! All this without power cords or batteries. Create a perfect interaction between you and your child – while the child is rocking, you can joke and talk or sing. Or simply enjoy the wonderful moments together – shared joy!

Swedish design

Videung of Sweden offers classic Swedish design that combines a Scandinavian feeling with innovative form and functionality. Yet with a touch of playfulness. We create baby and toddler swings that make everyday life easier for parents of small children, with safety, functionality and quality as the main keywords.

Videung of Sweden - Swedish design

Material and quality

We use high quality and child-friendly and breathable fabrics that are gentle and soft to the skin. The fabrics we use are usually a mixture of linen and cotton or Swedish designed by Arvidssons tyger. The wooden components of our toddler and baby swings are made of raw birch.


Our handmade baby and toddler swings are made from durable material and the swings can be passed on from child to child. Last but not least – Videung of Sweden’s core values are – safety, functionality and quality – we do not make any compromises when it comes to this.

Company information:

Videung OÜ

Lastekodu 25-32,

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa

10113 Tallinn

Org: 14884250

Videung of Sweden