When a child turns one year old, it needs a big celebration. The young child is well on its way to leave the baby stage to explore the world and develop its own personality. Do you have a child who is about to become one year? Or are you a grandmother, a grandma, an uncle or a friend who will soon celebrate a soon-to-be one-year-old? Buying a 1-year-old gift can be challenging, there is so much to choose from.

Why not buy a memorable 1-year gift of high quality and in the best interest of the children? A unique and individual 1-year gift that will make both the birthday child and the parents happy. Why not buy a toddler swing from Videung?

An amazing 1-year gift for boys and girls

A nice birthday present does not need to be boyish or girlish. Toddlers need to be given gender-neutral toys – regardless of age. So a 1-year gift for a boy or a girl may be the very same gift. Furthermore, it should rather be a gift that can be easily used and is of good quality. Not to forget it should ideally be organic and should not contain any harmful chemicals – after all, we are dealing with our youngest children. A toddler swing from Videung fulfils all of these requirements.

1-year gift

A toddler swing from Videung is a special gift that shows that you truly put thought into it. With this swing you can bring happiness to both children and parents. Children love swinging – it gives them a sensation of thrill, confidence and freedom. At the same time they get a tickling feeling in their tummy and have lots of fun.

Parents also love to get a seat swing from Videung. It’s the ultimate place to keep your child safe when they need both hands free in the kitchen or when cleaning. A toddler swing is also a wonderful solution when you want to spend time with your child. You can experience a lot together while swinging.

Unique 1-year gift for godchildren

A toddler swing from Videung is a unique and memorable 1-year gift for godchildren. It comes in a number of amazing designs. Further more, the swing is made from wood and linen, completely free from harmful chemicals. It is both organic and eco-friendly and yet durable so that it can be inherited by both siblings and cousins.

Unique 1-year gift for godchildren

A wooden toddler swing shows that you have been paying attention to the parents of the lively one-year-old for whom you are the godparent. Most parents of small children are tired. Further more, these babies will transform into a lively one-year-old running around everywhere. With their child in the baby swing, the parents will always know where it is – in a safe place, rocking in the soft material of the swing.

Give a personal handmade gift

A 1-year gift ought to be personal, unique, well planned and of course fun for the child. So it is not easy to figure out what to buy. At least not if you want your gift to stand out and not be in a more wrapped package. With a baby swing from Videung you are guaranteed to meet all the requirements you expect from a personal 1-year gift.

Videung toddler swing with its soft material gives a feeling of nature. It also provides the most enjoyable outdoor play indoors. This allows the child to swing even when it is raining and cold outside. Inside it is constantly warm and wonderful. The swing offers both a fun playtime for the child and a cosy place to relax. It provides relaxation for the parents and furthermore can provide a wonderful interactive experience when children and adults rock together.

Think of all the fun that a one-year-old can learn in a handmade indoor fabric swing. The child learns how to push a swing by himself and how to learn how to balance. He also learns to encourage himself to become more courageous and less afraid of height and speed. Last but not least – this is a personal one-year gift that will make a big impact on anyone who uses it.

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