Baby swings and toddler swings from Videung of Sweden


Baby swings – from 3 months up to three years

A baby swing is as much appreciated by babies as by parents. A fantastic fabric swing that enriches children’s everyday life and serves as a relief as it can be used from the age of 3 months. The baby swing has a natural and comfortable movement that helps babies to sleep more easily. This is due to the ergonomic design, which means that the child does not have to sit independently. It can also be used as a swing until the age of 3 years or up to a maximum weight of 25 kg. With a baby swing from Videung in Sweden, you get a durable cloth swing that is manufactured without chemicals or plastic. Videung offers baby swings in different colors and fabrics, so that everyone can find their favorite. All baby swings from Videung can be adjusted from fully horizontal to sitting. This makes the baby swing a perfect christening gift.


Toddler swings – from 6 months up to three years

Toddler swings by Videung – a classic gift for children, guaranteed to be loved for generations. Children truly love swinging. Let the children’s laughter fill the house, knowing that you are providing the best for your loved ones. Toddler swings from Videung of Sweden are made for children from 6 months to 3 years. The swings can carry up to 25 kg. A toddler swing made of fabric and wood is the perfect relief for curious babies who likes to sit up and explore the surroundings. Included with the fabric sit swing or toddler swing is also a matching cushion. All the fabrics we use are durable, child-friendly and OEKO-TEX-certified. The children’s swing offers your child a soft, comfortable and wonderful swinging time. Your child’s swing creates a wonderful interaction between you and your child – shared joy! An indoor baby swing, for example, is an excellent one-year gift.